Employment Law

Our firm focuses a substantial portion of its practice on employment related disputes, with a special emphasis on wage and hour issues. There are many ways unscrupulous employers and corporations fail to comply with California law in treating and paying their employees, including but not limited to employee misclassification, failure to pay minimum wage and overtime, provide rest and meal breaks, etc. Very often such employers are motivated by greed and willful disregard to their workers’ rights. Employers are confident that with the help of their corporate money and expensive lawyers, they can get away with anything. By aggressively pursuing our clients’ claims, we level the playing field for them. We make sure our clients are properly compensated for their hard work in accordance with California law and maximize their recovery by obtaining extensive monetary penalties and sanctions for violation of their lawful rights in the following types of matters:

Failure to Pay Overtime

Failure to Pay Minimum Wage

Failure to Reimburse Expenses

Failure to Provide Meal Breaks

Failure to Provide Rest Breaks

Failure to Provide Accurate Wage Statements

Late Payments


Commissioned Employees

Wrongful Termination